Revolutionizing Wool!


Located in downtown Valley Ford on the border of Marin and Sonoma County, just 25 minutes west of Petaluma and Santa Rosa. We love anything wool! Our mill processes local fiber growers (including ourselves) wool grown within a short distance of where the wool is grown. This allows us and other fiber artists to dramatically reduce our carbon footprint and support our own local economy. We provide educational tours and workshops on the healthy benefits of wool bedding, clothing and crafts including natural dye applications, felting, spinning, weaving, knitting and more.


Our Wool Mill processes a wide variety of fibers including Navajo Churro, Shetland, Dorset, Romney, Alpaca, Llama and Angora. Finished products include batts, roving, fabric, and yarns. Our 10’needleloom felts wool into fabrics of varying thicknesses allowing us to make blankets, clothing fabrics, rugs, insulation, and much more. Click here for more information.


Our storefront specializes in local, eco-friendly, naturally made clothing, organic bedding, local cheeses and organic foods, jewelry, and other unique crafts and gifts. In addition to over three dozen local artists, we feature the best of American West Purses, Pendleton Blankets, Ramblers Way Wool Clothing, Coyuchi bedding, and Cowboy Collectible Jewelry.

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Take a trip out to Valley Ford, have Breakfast or Lunch at our own Estero Café  just one block down the street. Estero Café specializes in local, organic home-cooked breakfast and lunch served all day every day.

Wool Washing and Processing, Carding Services