Revolutionizing California Wool!


We have moved to our new ranch

Casari Ranch in Point Arena, Mendocino County

and is changing its name to Casari Ranch

Stay tuned for our new website coming soon!



We love anything wool! We raise 5 breeds of sheep, and own the only wool mill in Mendocino, Marin and Sonoma Counties. We specialize in wool bedding, wool fabrics, and home accessories.

Finished products include comforters, pillows, mattress pads, custom pads, wool batts, roving, fabric, and yarns. Our 10’needleloom (the only one of its kind on the west coast) felts wool into fabrics of varying thicknesses (1/6″ to 2″) allowing us to make blankets, clothing fabrics, rugs, insulation, and much more.



Our Store Philosophy

The purpose of our store is to provide you with our favorite functional goods, including foods, clothing, textiles, and home accessories. Everything in our store has a purpose, something we need. Even the jewelry and felt animals we showcase are carefully selected for their uniqueness, and ability to create a positive mood and feelings of balance.

Our staff of loyal, committed people are always looking for functional goods that are as local, organic and sustainably made as possible. We take many things into consideration including how products are grown, manufactured and subsequently packaged. For example, we ask our artisans to package their crafts minimally and with no plastics. We make a few exceptions in packaging only when we cannot find a better alternative.

In addition, we pay careful attention the ethical philosophy of the people and companies making them. While there are many products we like, and the company’s philosophy is progressive, if we can find a similar product locally made, that will always be our first choice, which takes into consideration the product’s carbon footprint as well.

We enjoy custom projects and returning to a simpler business model, where we work with our customers depending on their needs, rather than filling our store with fluff and dazzle. So if you don’t see something in our store and would like us to consider it, please let us know. We love to share ideas and ways to be creatively simple.

In addition to a focus on our own wool bedding and home accessories, we have over fifty local artisan’s products in our store and in our vacation homes. As artists ourselves we know how long it takes to make a finished product. Because we have the wool mill, we know first hand how long it takes to make raw wool into a finished product of any kind. Our fiber artists basically make less than fifty cents an hour. Why do they make wool crafts then? We don’t know. Our best guess is that wool is just simply addicting, and once you bring wool into your life, whether by craft or cloth, there is no going back to quick fix, cheap, synthetic products.

Wool is simply amazing and addictive. It is so healthy! It is so natural! It has an ancient appeal like nothing we have ever encountered. People from all over the world who come into our store or onto our ranch, become more peaceful, and once they start touching the wool, they just seem to become more and more drawn to it. This makes sense because of its natural healing properties.

Not only are we wool addicts, many of our artists and best customers are too. That is why we created the moto, “FIBER FREAK FOREVER.” Join us in our mission to Revolutionize wool and bring it back to its right place as a valued fabric, bedding, and home craft.

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